How to tile a texture across a group of components?

Hey good people, it’s been a while.
Struggling with something since 2 days and my research doesn’t bring me anywhere, so once again asking for help. Coming here from this post and this post

I have this roof tile component here, that I’ve arranged to form a roof side with roughly 1300 copies.

For the life of me, I’ve run out of creative options to retain the components/groups and have a texture tile across those containers. I remember I saw a tutorial somewhere that showed how to apply a texture to a group of components/groups but I can’t get my clay texture to spread across my components.

So far I’ve only managed to do it by exploding and merging more than 1000 copies of the same component for each side of this intricate roof and that took a long while. Is there not a faster and more efficient way of solving this? Thank you.