Continuous texture across multiple components?

I am trying to texture a House model (my first detailed model) and would like the siding texture to continue from component to component so it lines up. roof/attic sections, first floor wall, second floor walls, joist area between floors are all separate components as can be seen in the photo. I tried creating a .1" face on top of my exterior to texture instead but for some reason I am never able to get faces across the entire thing. would love any suggestions!

SO you want something like this?

After applying the texture to the face in one component or group, open the next one for editing, get the Paint Bucket tool and hold Command to invoke the eye dropper. Sample the material on the previous face (it won’t show while the other component is open for editing but you’ll know its there… Then release the button and click on the face.

If you want to make the siding look continuous, hide the edges of the components along the seam lines.


Thanks so much this is exactly what I need to do!!!

So sampling the other face to get the texture applies the same texture but it doesn’t line it up with the other component like in your photo even starting with a new project to test with it still starts the texture at the bottom of each object for me.

in this photo I applied the texture to the left component then went into the right component selected the paint tool used the eyedropper to select the face of the left component and applied it to the right. the texture comes just not lined up. I must be missing something :frowning:

thanks a lot for the help!

You didn’t apply the material to the faces, inside the components, right? You need to do that. You’ll note I wrote that in my first post.

I multi click the component to bring up editing of the single component then selected the front face to apply the texture to

Don’t select the face. Open the component for editing, get the Paint Bucket tool. Hold Command and sample the material off the face in the other component, release the command button and click on the face in the open component.

:frowning: not working for me…
gif of what I’m doing:

on a side note what program did you use to make your gif? the program I have does not capture changing the mouse to the paint tool it just looks like a normal mouse

My recollection is that in order to sample a texture, it first has to be moved, however slightly, with the Position Texture tool. So if the position is tweaked, then the texture is sampled, it should line up when applied inside the other component.

N’est-ce pas?


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I used LICEcap for the capture.

I don’t know what to tell you. I’ve done it on both the PC and Mac and it works perfectly for me every time.

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I didn’t move the texture after applying it in either component, though.

In this case (new gif) they line up without sampling at all.


moving the texture slightly before sampling and applying to the second component did the job!

Thanks a ton guys!

Wow Dave, this is wicked! This actually solves a big problem for me. Thanks for showing this! I have a useful example:

Say I have a building that has multiple floors and I don’t want the siding to be one massive sheet or rather group or component, I actually want the siding to be a group for each floor BUT I want the siding to look continous as if it was one big group on the outside view of the building. I think the best method would be to use your paint bucket tip which is amazing! But than just use visual merge from eneroth. I think this would be much faster than hiding the edges manually.