How would I go about modeling this?

Hello modeling gurus!

I’m getting pretty decent in modeling normal volumes: sofas, chairs, lamps, etc.

Having a bit of a tough time figuring out how to pull this off for a client project. Do I need a special plugin to help with the curved, shell-like surface of the chair? Any pointers?

Everything else I think I can hack from things in the warehouse…

That is rather complex modelling, do you need that specific chair? do you need to learn to model it ? or do you just need a representation for a presentation.
There are several in the 3D Warehouse, I won’t speak for their quality but here is one example.

I need to hack a close approximation for a presentation (3 views of a patio). Normally, on something like this, I’d probably resort to photoshopping it in :slight_smile:

I’d love to know how to model the chair portion but it’s not something I’m likely to ever encounter again so spending 6 hrs trying to model it is prob not worth the effort…

Thanks for the warehouse find. I guess I could turn the webbing into a texture and fill in the chair basket portion?

You could start with something like this:

And then put a texture for the rest of the chair.

If you choose the texture route, then consider ThruPaint (part of FredoTools) because it is very helpful at texture mapping. You might already know about this plugin, but I figured I’d mention it just in case.
Another useful plugin is “Soap Skin & Bubble.” You can draw the contours of your chair, then it’ll create the curved surface.

I think you’re right that using a texture would be better. Modeling all those fine details would inflate the poly count substantially, which isn’t really worth it unless you’re going for photorealism.

A super quick way is to crop the image of the chair, then make it a 2D face me component. It’s not as detailed, but it’d probably be acceptable for visualization from certain angles. Although, a 3D model would be better for space planning because it has that 3rd dimension.

If you must model the mesh instead of using a texture, then I’d recommend the plugin “Flowify.” You can draw the mesh flat, then use Flowify to make the mesh bend to the shape of a surface.

$19, no headache, if it’s not worth your time to model it?

Hi Jessicas,
Have you finished modeling the chair? Can you share it for me please. I need it for my current project.
Thank you!