Default material applied to a surface

I have a question that has been curious about for awhile. Sometimes when I create a surface in SketchUp it applies a texture to the surface. It is not the current texture - how is SketchUp deciding what material to apply to the surface and how do I control this?
Thanks in advance

What are you doing to create the face? What sort of texture? Can you share an example SKP file that has this sort of issue?

Thanks for the quick response. I am using and imported AutoCAD file and I am just trying to fill in the walls to push pull. I can’t share the file but the issue I am having is that it I have a default texture selected. I create a surface and it applies another texture to the surface and I am just trying to figure out how and why the other texture is applied to the new surface.

What texture are you using and what is the other texture? Can you at least show a screen shot?

IP issues - can’t even share a screen shot. Current is a default SketchUp texture and the texture that gets applied to the new surface is one I created and not current

Could it be that you are adding a new surface inside a Group/Component which has already had a texture applied to the group? If you apply a texture to a group whilst outside it, any new surface created inside it will adopt that texture.

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I agree, if you import an AutoCAD file and there is already something in the model, then it arrives as a component instance.
If you apply a texture directly onto that ‘container’, then any faces within it, or faces which you add into it during an edit, will display using the texture belonging to the ‘container’.
Actually the new faces will have the default material, but use the container’s material for their display.
If you add another texture to a face [whilst editing the container] it will then display using its own material.

To fix it you simply need to exit any edit and select the ‘container’ component instance, then paint it using the default material, or use Entity Info to reassign its material to the default.

That is a great simple answer. Fixed my issue.
Thank you

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