Rendering pictures? (Brigther3D)

Hi there, I am a photographer and a sketchup noob working on a photo exhibition, I have installed some mirrors which I managed to get realistic reflections from thanks to rendering pluging Brighter3D, but the pictures (jpeg files) won’t show up in the render (only blank spaces). I remember having the same problem using 3D Warehouse. How can I solve this? Thank you

Are the pictures textures or images? If they are textures, make sure they are applied to front faces and not the back faces. If they are images, explode them and then make groups of the geometry.

They are images. How can I do that?
Thank you

Ok I managed to do this and now they appear in the renders, however now it keeps crashing when I try to render many of them. It might be because of their size (7mb)? I will try with smaller sizes.

Have you tried reaching out to Brighter3d? There are a few users here, but you may get a better answer on their own forum.

Hi carlos,
send me a link to your scene,
I will try to fix it for you.

Best Regards,