Move along the axis / inference

Hello to all
I’m looking for a suggestion to use the move tool in the best way. (SU19 on MAC)
I started using SU from version 8pro. in SU8 when I select the movement tool and press one of the arrows (left ax / green, right ax / red, upper ax / blue), the movement tool forces the movement of the object along the selected axis, without any difficulty, in a very intuitive and natural way, after that I can press Shift to force the movement and use the inference engine to point the reference edge to a precise position. it’s right?
Now in the following for example: SU19 or SU15, this movement does not work as on SU8.
when I use the same key sequence, the movement of the object chooses the wrong direction.maybe i make some mistakes?
how can I choose the right axes along which I want to move the object? has one of you noticed the same problem? for me this is a very frustrating situation. can you help me please? thank you

Nothing has changed in the relation to the arrow keys and locking movement axis.
The down arrow will lock to a specific inferenced direction which is magenta colored and is something new when coming from SU8, but the left right and up should be the same. Can you describe what goes wrong? When you push an arrow as a modifier while using the move tool, it moves the “wrong” direction?

hi thank you for answering, i push arrow keys as normal, i pick the object in a group and i try to move up or down, but he move far or close in orizontal direction. i check if the axis are in the correct way and sometimes reset teh axis world. the blue is vertical the green left arrow red right arrow. after pick the object i push the arrow, then shift key to lock inferences but what i’ve described it happens, the object run far or slide.i draw on a wacom cintiq tablet, it happen with pen or mouse. thank you

The arrow keys are a toggle 0n/Off, tap once to lock tap again to unlock.

It sounds like perhaps the object is glued to a surface. In that case it will move only parallel to that surface no matter what lock you attempt to apply. Right click and see if unglue is available.