Up inference

Is it too much to ask for the UP arrow to actually move in the UP direction!! I have wasted far too much time today with this bloody software ignoring the key press and deciding to move downwards or even worse left or right. UP ARROW → UP, DOWN ARROW → DOWN. I’ts not rocket science.

The Up arrow works for me to lock inferencing in the blue direction. The Down arrow key locks to off-axis inference directions. I suppose if there was a 5th cursor key they could have used that for off-axis inferencing and left the Down arrow for only moving in the negative Z-axis.

What exactly is happening? Usually when users report that they can’t move an object in a specific direction it turns out the object is glued to a plane. In those cases ungluing fixes it.

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In a 3D model, the bottom, top, left right are always relative, depending on whether you rotate the model in space.
Creating different constraints using the arrow keys is also relative. By design (see user guide), the up key turns the Z (blue) the right arrow on the X (red) the left arrow the Y (green) constraint.
If you rotated the modell you must also to expect these diretion to change in a srceen.

The down arrow causing parallel/perpendicular constraints relative to last hovered drawingelement. So that will not chainage … :wink:

Hi Dave,
It is a biggish model I accept that but it seems to be lagging and not keeping up with key presses. There is no gluing involved. I select an object, engage the move tool, hit the UP arrow and then move on the screen. 7 times out of ten it does not lock the inference. I often get a NOT RESPONDING message and when it comes back to life, often it will then continue to move often in a different direction. It is doing my head in.

Hi Graeme,

Maybe try simplifying the model? Purge unused, choose a “fast” style (no Profiles and no textures, turn off Shadows if they are on.

Hi Dezmo,
It seems to ignore the key press completely. I have no argument with how it has been written in terms of the 3 defined axis, where I find the inference is poor is when you need to move slightly off axis direction. At the moment, the UP lock is hit and miss which is very frustrating.

I have tried all those already. I have even deleted half the model but it still seems to lag. The model is a fraction of the size it was when it was working relatively fine. Do you know what is is doing when it displays the NOT Responding message?

It could be one of a number of things. Not Responding means it’s busy doing something and won’t take any input from you until it’s finished. It’s saying, “Leave me alone. I can’t talk to you right now.” Might be that an autosave is in process. With large files autosaves can take a little time. They can take more time if the file isn’t being saved to your internal drive. Or it could be that it’s waiting for your graphics card to catch up. Or you could see that if you’ve started some involved process. I get it when I’m modeling extremely detailed stuff like long lengths of screw threads, for example.

Some people turn off Autosave so they don’t get the delay for that. It’s definitely an option but obviously you need to be more proactive about making frequent saves or you could lose a lot of work.

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It is likely auto save is set to 5 minutes. The way the arrow keys work is correct for a 3D model representing the 3 axis. If the down arrow were to be set to down then you’d also need two arrow keys each for the X and Y axis.