New Sketchup inferencing - making my life difficult

Recently, Sketchup came out with an updated inferencing engine - which in many cases is great, I’m sure.
However, when a model gets complicated and I try to rotate things using the rotate tool - I have difficulties with the updated inferencing engine that I never had before - after years of use.

In my experience - this is what happens -
Say I want to rotate a model element parallel to the ground plane.
1. I hover the rotate tool over anything in the model that turns it blue
2. I press the SHIFT key and lock the inference plane
3. I move the rotate tool over to the thing I’m trying to rotate and click on the point of the element I want to be the center of rotation.
4. Sketchup ignores the point I clicked and forces it to rotate around the part of the model I used to infer my rotational plane. (step 2 above.)

Every once in a while I can get it to both infer the rotational plane and also allow me the freedom to choose a separate center of rotation, but not reliably. It’s especially difficult on complex models where there are a huge number of non-orthogonal elements near by.

Is there a sure fire way to accomplish this task under the updated inferencing engine? (infer rotational plane without losing control over center of rotation.)

Any tips would be appreciated!



Have you tried toggling the blue axis rotation with the Up Arrow key instead of using Shift? That will lock the orientation without inferring to a reference plane. You don’t even need the reference plane to get the blue orientation, either. Right arrow for red, left for green. Use down for off-axis orientations. For those you’ll need a reference plane but it won’t be limited like the Shift key lock.

Shift still has its uses, too.

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Wow - that is so helpful. I will use that constantly. Thank you DaveR!


Thanks Dan,

I did see that one a while ago - and am glad you suggested I review it.
I need to make a conscious effort to integrate new functionality into my workflow.
The down arrow key makes all the difference.

Have a great day and thanks for helping me.


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