"Constrained on plane intersect plane" is driving me mad!

Hi There!

Have just started using SU 2016 and whilst the inferencing to the axis is very useful, every time I do anything it starts referencing from a seemingly (I’m sure it isn’t though) random point and reads “Constrained on plane intersect plane”.

Can I turn this off?!! It its driving me mad! I know I can press shift to stop it every time it happens, but that is getting a bit frustrating!

Ta in advance!


I’m not exactly sure what you’re seeing or doing when you get that message but you can’t turn off inferencing. If inferencing was turned off, it would be impossible to work in 3D space on a 2D screen. I expect it’s possible to change how you are working that will make it easier for you.

Thanks for the response Dave.

I’ll try and get a screen shot!

Thanks again,


It does happen quite a lot… and it’s rather annoying:
I think that it’s when you are on a tool and using [shift] and the middle mouse button to navigate (switch form rotate to pan mode), the press of the [shift] key activates the inference line, then you click to place a point and it’s locked to a reference that’s miles away or behind something… press it again to pan again and it un-locks. So until they fix it either make sure that you pan an even number of times or hit [shift] before clicking.

Is this a known (logged) issue ? @Barry