Moving the entire model up the blue axis


I can’t get the model to move up the blue axis even when I use the up arrow button. What’s wrong? I built the model below the green/red axis and the shadows aren’t falling right.


Is it locked (red bounding box) or the “glue to” option active (unglue in context menu)?


Sorry late but after the up arrow toggle hold shift key that lock direction, or use the VB and input the following [,n]
which is an absolute move command. The comma will keep the x,y values fixed and the n is the z direction. There is a relative command also < ,n>.


And note that if in your ‘locale’ you use the ‘,’ as the decimal separator you must use a ‘;’ as the value separator…
So in the USA/UK/IE/AU/NZ etc it is [,,123.4] while the most of the EU etc it must be [;;123,4]