Inférence problem with the Push/Pull tool

Hi folks.

See the text attached to the model in this SU file.

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Inference problem with the Push:Pull tool.skp (68.4 KB)

Not sure what your request is. You mention you can get the inference snap with Shift or the up arrow. Is there a reason you are trying to get the inference without using either of those functions?

Hi Jean, although it seems odd that you can’t get the inference with plain ‘Move’, it has been like this for at least SU8. ( I can’t check with earlier versions on this computer).

Yes, it is kind of strange that inferencing isn’t picking up the endpoints or the top ‘On Face’, even with ‘Hidden Geometry’ turned on.

Hi Darrell, hi folks.

I have no particular reason it is just that it was working with SU 7 and earlier and seems broken with SU 8 and later.

Of course I use the mentioned methods but it involve one more step (pressing the SHIFT key or the Up-Arrow).

My request would be for this to work as with earlier versions (≤ version 7), if feasible.

Best regards.