2017 losing inferences (randomly?)

Using Sketchup Pro version 17.1.174

During my modeling I keep randomly losing inferences, usually on the Z axis, but have also lost x & y.

I can still lock using the direction keys, and a restart of Sketchup fixes it, but is getting a little annoying.

Anyone else seeing this or able to duplicate?


That’s strange. Is this view(ing angle) specific and/or depending on parallel projection or perspective mode?

(many have already asked for “losing” inference, although by choice)

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I do change a lot between parallel & perspective, but I have always done that and never had this happen. I haven’t had much time to test different variables yet, but I will try to focus on what I’m doing before this happens again.

Also, once its gone, it’s just gone. No view change or scene change, etc. has been able to bring it back, only a restart has fixed it so far.

And edges are displayed when this is happening?

Yep, edges displayed. I have been working on the same file all week. I am going to see if I can duplicate it on a different file/on the same file on different machine and see if I can narrow it down at all that way.

New machine, new graphics card, any driver updates lately? Program update to Su2017 that made this happening?
Could this be due to an OpenGL issue?

Has been happening before and after last big windows 10 update.

Same 2(not new) machines I have used for years have duplicated it, same file though. I have been able to get the inferences back now after a while of working. It may just be something weird in this file. I am stumped as to why it goes away and why it comes back.

If you could share this file for others to look at, that might help. No promise though.

Unfortunately I can’t. Oh well, if I figure something out about the problem I will post it otherwise I am not going to dig into it any more.

Just to let you know that you’re not the only one. I have had this on 2017, but I can’t illuminate the cause.

Thanks, Tommy. Good to know I am not the only one.

So i see that this is an old post, but this exact thing has been happening for quite sometime. Happened in SU2017, and currently with SU 2018 as well. There is no rhyme or reason, no consistency that i can see that causes it; seemingly out of the blue, the inference tracking just stops, typically in the z direction, but can happen in x,y as well, just as described above. The only thing that seems to “correct” it is to restart SU.

I was trying to track down info on this, and saw this post so thought i would add to it, even though older post.

Two ideas…

Is the driver for your Graphics Card up to date ?

When you installed SketchUp it has to be done in the proper way.
Other ways may appear to have worked, but down the line unpredictable weird issues can arise…
Here’s the only proper way…
Log into your PC using your normal user-account: NOT the separate administrator account - BUT if your normal user-account gives you admin powers that is OK.
Make sure SketchUp is closed.
Find the installer exe file - it’s probably in your Downloads folder ?
Select its icon, right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”
When prompted choose “Repair”.
When it completes retest…

Note that if you have uninstalled SketchUp you will be prompted to “Install” instead.
Double-clicking the exe file to Run it, is NOT the same as running it properly - even if you do have admin-powers some things will not get set up properly…