Inferences disappears


I work on MacOs and I have a problem that I can’t solve and that I only have on the Mac.
I have a MacBook Pro Intel I9 and a MacBook Pro M3 Pro. It’s the same problem on both computers.

When I’m working, after a few minutes the snaps disappear and I no longer have a reference point to draw my lines.
The problem disappears when I close the application and relaunch it.
It’s a real nightmare.

Same problem with sketchup 2023 and 2024…

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I have had similar issues but all I had to do was save and the inferences snapping came back. I suppose if that works for you too you could use it as a save reminder - it saved me a problem when SU crashed 1 minute later!

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I noticed the same thing today after I added a section cut to a model (SU 2024). I haven’t explored it further, but just removed the section for the time being.

Edit: I have issues here too. Note how locking on to the Z - ax doesn’t work.

The z axis issue looks like the object is glued to a face. Try right click and select unglue.

So it was…