Inference and Group acting badly

I was working on a base “cabinet” but while modeling the drawers a couple odd situations developed. In both cases below drawers were moved using same edge as a guide and moved in same direction.

  1. When the right drawer is selected and moved the left drawer moves with it but isn’t and/or doesn’t indicate that they’re grouped together.

  1. When the left drawer is selected and moved, only it moves (not tied to right drawer) but can’t be inferenced to 2 points along an edge to guide the direction.

range base.skp (189.7 KB)

Very weird. If you explode the two drawer groups and remake them the problem goes away. Not sure how you managed to get it to do that in the first place, though.

The left drawer group is glued to (or at least shows that property) some plane belonging to the right drawer group. So they are different in that respect. I don’t know how you managed to do that.

The gluing plane is a red/blue plane. Moving the left drawer independently in the green direction is restricted.

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I’ve been trying to recreate since DaveR replied and was able to manage something similar but the more variations I tried it seemed to wise up on me and started behaving correctly. I was coming to the same conclusion that it has something to do with the left drawer front (came from 3DW). Also I possibly used the offset tool in an unexpected way to make the drawer opening in the cabinet. By using the offset tool I removed the radiused corners and when I tried to move the resulting outline to the cabinet the inference wouldn’t work but unfortunately don’t recall how I got it placed.

Don’t have much experience with the un/glue function but have used it successfully a couple times when inference wouldn’t work for me. Tried ungluing the left drawer and problem did go away also.

Figured the problem could be resolved in some fashion so wasn’t too concerned. Just wanted to post to show the oddity.

Thanks guys.

Ungluing is indeed a quick solution.
When creating groups on faces inside another group they can become glued to that group. You should avoid doing so and it can happen unintentionally. Glued components are easier to manage.

Here I reconstructed two simple drawers where one acts as “master” and one as “slave”, following the “master”. It’s somehow the same as what you got. It is not a bug but something to avoid for groups.

Master and slave drawers.skp (446.9 KB)

(Also try selecting > scaling left drawer vs selecting > scaling right drawer to see the difference)