iPad… sometimes the inferences don’t actually lock?

Every once in a while an inference locked move doesn’t actually lock. It has happened with all options at given moments, and if I deselect the group or component and try again it works the second time. What am I doing in this instances that is wrong? It looks locked, but I can basically put it anywhere when it’s like this.

This happened again today when I was working on a model.

The group is an image placed as object and neither the red nor green inferences would lock in. The blue was working fine. Closing and reopening the model made it work again.

Is it something on my end? Something I’m doing wrong?

Is there by chance a component with gluing properties? Once glued, you can’t get them off the plane unless you right click and “unglue” it on desktop. Not sure about the iPad version.

I didn’t know there was such a thing?

But these instances don’t seem to be snapping to anything, quite the contrary actually. Even though the line is the color of an inference, I can put them anywhere (which is useless because I can’t controlb them at all)

The handle in the first video was a component that I made from scratch using follow -me. The sink hole in the second video was grouped geometry that I wanted to move slightly before using it to cut out a hole in the cabinet (grouped separately). And then the third one is whatever kind of group that is made by inserting an image as an object. It’s hard to tell on the iPad what is group and what is component.

Glued components or even groups are automatically created if their base geometry is starting from a face in the model. When that happens they glue to that face but not to any other direction.

After seeing the videos I must agree with @RTCool

The easiest way, apart from the context menu option, is to copy the group or component and place it where you want it and then delete the original. When you copy glued groups or comps they don’t stick to the face. Copying them also allows you to keep their glueing properties which are useful in a lot of scenarios

Okay… So… Gluing.

I don’t remember in the case of one of these videos if the group was created on a face, but two of them definitely were, so this is a very plausible answer to my question.

My new question then becomes more of a curiosity… If it’s a group then why is a gluing property useful? What is the advantage there?

Depends on what it is. It could be a table always glued to the ground. It could be a column always glued to the slab. The advantage here is if you move the slab face up, the column won’t sink inside it, it will follow it.

Honestly though, I use glue only for window components. Glue andcut hole on faces. However I use it less and less as glued hole cutting components don’t cut through volumes and I’ve changed from modeling faces to modeling volumes.