Help: Dynamic Component not moving correctly




I’m new to dynamic components and thus far haven’t had any problems. With the attached component I’m having weird behavior when I use the move tool. For example, if I use the move tool to try and move it 6" along X axis and 6" along Y axis, it will randomly move past that point. If I were to type in the coordinates manually in the Component Attributes box, it will move correctly to that point. File attached below.

I’ve tried to solve this on my own but haven’t had much luck. Any help is very much appreciated!!!

BLAH.skp (171.2 KB)


maybe I could fix…
you don’t need add component axis’s origin (x, y) value to its container parts.
BLAH_fix_v2016.skp (314.9 KB)


Sorry I didn’t check Z value.
Fixed again.
BLAH_fix2_v2016.skp (309.9 KB)


Thank you so much, it works perfect and I understand what I was doing wrong. Have a nice day!