Dynamic component doesn't snap to red or green axis, what should i do?

I am trying to move the object but it keeps going in a diagonal direction. Any suggestions?

Not without sharing the example.
Most likely there will be forum members to answer your question

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02.skp (3.0 MB)

its the 6 panel sliding door

This door? The component’s origin/insertion point is set out away from the geometry. That will affect the way it gets placed when you bring it in from the Components panel. It’s also set up to glue to any face so once you stick it in on a wall, it’ll stay in the plane of that wall.

You can move the component’s origin so it inserts where you want it by using Change Axes in the context menu. Be aware that some of the dynamic component attributes are based on the location of the origin so you might need to make some adjustments to those attributes, too.

By the way, I noticed incorrect tag usage and a fair amount of unused stuff in your model. It would be good to stay on top of that sort of stuff.
Screenshot - 3_2_2023 , 8_06_29 AM

Screenshot - 3_2_2023 , 8_06_46 AM

Thank you so much! This was very helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to help me.