Dynamic component axes aligned to cardinal axes

Hi there,

I have a geolocated model of my house. I’ve had to change the axes so that they align with the house, rather than the cardinal north/south/east/west.

A problem arises when I try to create an animated dynamic component. I am trying to model a drawer that pulls out. It should move along its green axis only. However, when I click on the component, it moves along the cardinal axis, not the axis set for the model or the component. This means the draw pulls out, but slightly diagonally. I have checked and the axes for the component are correct.

I have recreated this in a brand new model to rule out an issue with my house model. I was able to reproduce it easily:

  • Create a 3D component
  • Set up OnClick animation to move shape along one axis by, say, 50cm
  • Change model axes to, say, 30 deg off cardinal
  • Use the ‘interact’ feature to click on component. It will move along cardinal axis, not the axis set for the model, or the axis set for the component.

Would really appreciate it if anyone knows if this is a bug or if I am doing something wrong.


Wrap the component in another and pass the attributes down if required, or wrap the drawer. This acts as a buffer to stop it referencing the model axis. It references the container.
Double wrapped components have an added bonus in that when swapped with Len exposed they can update to the current size if required.

That did the trick!

Thanks pcmoor!