Animating a dynamic component on a custom axis

I have a dynamic component that I am trying to rotate on click around a custom axis (not the drawing axes of X,Y, or Z). I have changed the reference axis for the component to the new custom axis and this should be the new reference Y axis for the component. However, when I animate, it wants to return to the global drawing Y axis and ignore the new reference axis. I can manually rotate the component around the custom axis, but I want to use the dynamic component tool to auto-rotate it to a set angle. What am I doing wrong?

you can place an intermediate component (level) between the two to isolate the axis effects or set an attribute to change all the rotations. Having a look at your file will enable us to determine the correct solution

FJ Rotopax bracket.skp (5.6 MB)

Uploaded the model. Its the wiper arm that I’m trying to animate/rotate on a fixed spindle. Both on a tilted (6.4 degrees) axis. The dynamic component is overlaid on a copy which is part of another larger dynamic component that animates without issue using the Z axis.

I made the wiper another component with axis same as wiper, this isolates the two “worlds”,
for multiple orientations with animations, easier to give each their own component (world)
FJ Rotopax bracket.skp (5.6 MB)

Thank you! This is very close to perfect. It goes off axis slightly in the initial rotation but returns to the required axis. Nice.

I would like to know why it initially goes off axis.