Off axis dc rotation

I have a component that I would like to rotate off axis to the model. I re set the components axis using the rotation point to the x axis. The attribute behavior is animate(“rotx”,0,90)
When I interact with the component it first aligns itself to the model x then will rotate 0 to 90 along the component x.
Im sure I am missing something simple, any insight would be much appreciated.


Attach the model with the DC to your next post please. To get better feedback.
Maybe @pcmoor can chip in?

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p1.skp (795.0 KB)

if you check the other rotation values, you will see the rounded values of -8 for rotY, 4 for RotZ, if you rotate the lid manually, the new values are what you might not expect.
Rather than figuring this out, plus the values are rounded,

I found it best to add a further nesting and rotate this, “a normal rotation in a tilted world”

p1 fix.skp (871.8 KB)


Thank you