Select tool - selects components behind another component

This is the first time i see this happening.
Doesn’t bother me much, because I could probably delete and put new one.
But how? Select object issue - YouTube

Can you post your model here so someone can take a look ?

I suspect that you have an extra face on your front door that is on the same physical space as the side panel. Then, as you click on the side panel, it is this face that gets the click and cause the front door to be selected.

This may be an example of why you should never leave ungrouped/non-component geometry lurking in your model. It is much harder (though not impossible) to accidentally capture a group in your selection box and easier to remove it from the selection.

I’m sorry but this model is made using my company dynamic cabinets. I don’t wan’t all the work to just be uploaded for everyone :slight_smile: I hope you understand.
Cabinets are components, within them are fronts - also components or groups.
I will see if I made an extra face while pushpulling the frames around them.

All geometry in the model is tied together in dynamic components. Within them are another components. No loose faces or lines whatsoever, but I’ll double check!