Two adjacent components keep merging, I'm stumped

I am trying to learn SketchUp by following a DVD “SketchUp guide for Woodworkerrs, The Basics”. He is drawing a cabinet door by first drawing a vertical component (the stile of a shaker style door). Then you draw a rectangle next to it and pull it out to create the rail. His, of course works fine, but when I do it the two pieces merge and when I pull out I end up with one L-shaped piece. I am at my wits end…thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Upload the file that has you stumped. Just drag it into a post or use the upload button about the text field.

It just sounds like you aren’t using groups or components. All ungrouped geometry will stick together.

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I would agree with Box. Right after he drew the stile, he made it a component by selecting all of the geometry of the stile and hitting G. He gave the component a name and clicked on Create or hit Enter.

It’s a sort of pattern you need to develop. Draw a part and make it a component before you move on to drawing the next part.

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That explains it perfectly, thank you. I thought that I did make the stile a component but obviously I did not.

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