Can someone tell me why this happens

I was trying to draw the top of my bench but it wouldn’t make the full rectangle until I made the side rails components.
Why does this happen ?


because it merges with existing geometry…

be sure you have watched part 1-3…

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Thanks for the link Mike
Much appreciated


In reply to your other post…

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Thanks Geo
Great community here ,appreciate the help


Did you watch the video I gave you the link to the other day? You need to be making components of the parts as you go. When you drew the side rail and copied it to the opposite end, you neglected to make it a component before copying.

Hi Dave
yes,I did watch the video ,although I often can’t take it all in. I realised I had forgotten to make it a component so I did that and the top section worked.I just didn’t understand why it needed to be a component for the top part to work

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