Is it possible to seperate a component into two seperate opjects?

I made a house floor and walls as one component, built up at the same time. Is there any way to separate them at this point?

It is better to upload the skp file so we can see what you got . This could be a workflow:
Make a copy (edit>copy)
Paste in place (edit>paste in place)
You now have two components at the same place.
Make one unique (rightclick>make unique)
Name it walls.
Edit the walls component, so that it has only the walls
Edit the original component so that it only has the floor remaining.
In general, best practise is to group geometry as soon as what you are drawing ‘can be build’
So a floor (concrete) > draw rectangle
Use Push/Pulll to give it volume
select all loose elements by triple clicking and make that selection a group/component
Start with (a section off ) the walls (brick) etc

Think in (solid) volumes
Seperate geometry by grouping it
Ieave layer0 always the active one
If a wall or floor ‘gets in the way’ because you don’t see it what is behind it, make a layer, assign that part to it and control its visibility by turning that layer on or off

It was recommended, from Matt Donley’s book Layout book to make the wall and floor as one to avoid a seem showing from the outside. Intuitively I thought this was a bad idea, but did it anyway. I made a rectangle on the ground, extruded it up about 8.5", then offset about 6" and extruded the walls. Then I triple clicked and made it a component.

I did what you said with the copy paste in place and it worked easier than I thought, for some reason I was thinking that a component made originally as one piece more or less could not be taking apart so easily.

Thanks again.

Check out this extension:
or hide lines manually (Eraser with modifier key)

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