Is it possible to divide a component into 2 different components?

I’ve messed up a model that I’ve put quite a few hours into and can’t really start over at this point. I should have made an object into 2 separate components but instead I just made it into 1. Now, I’m finding that I need to create layers for specific areas of visibility in the model and I need to separate out these actually 2 parts of one component.

I’ve found that if I take one instance of the component and explode it, I can then double click all sides of one part that needs to be it’s own component and make it into a component, but for some strange reason when I try that with the remaining part of the object it strangely does not actually create any component.

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You could select the stuff that doesn’t belong in the Component and use Edit>Cut to cut it to the clipboard. Then close the Component and use Edit>Paste in place. While the geometry is selected, hit G and make a new component.

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One reason for this problem may be that you haven’t selected all the geometry (so some is unselected), which may ‘turn off’ the checkbox "Replace selection with Component’ in the Make Component dialogue.

Or you may have accidentally toggled that checkbox ‘off’ by accident, whether or not you selected all the geometry.

This doesn’t happen so easily in SU2017 but did happen in earlier versions of SU. You don’t say in your profile which version of SU you are using.

I just tried as you suggested. The only problem is that although it cut the second component out in all instances it did not paste back into all instances. So I am left with one object that has 2 seperate components like I want but all of the other 14 instances are left blank now.

Can you upload a copy of your model before you tried to separate the component into two parts, and another with the results you got after trying?

Use the Upload button (seventh icon above where you type when you post a reply).

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Try this then. Open the Component for editing, cut the geometry as before. Select the rest of the geometry and make a new component. Then use Edit>Paste in place and make a component of it. You will have a nested component with two components inside and instances of that one throughout the model.

Thanks John and Dave. Dave that created a nesting of the one component but still only created one instance of the second.

But what I’m going to do is “cut” and “paste in place” like suggested but just copy and move the second component over. It won’t take that long if I only have 14 to do.

Thanks again.

You closed the original component. I didn’t tell you to do that. Leave the original component open for editing while pasting the geometry and making the new component.

Here’s a simple example.
Split comp


Thank you. I’m using my phone.

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Thanks. Got it.

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