I can't select components after I explode

I am trying to split an stl file into 2 separate components for printing. I created a section pane and exploded. I see the line where I created the pane, but I cannot select individual components. It only lets me select the entire model. Is there something I’m missing?

Your description suggests you are not understanding the process.
If you attach your model we can give you a specific answer.

BottomFrontExploded.skp (1.9 MB)

This is the model I’m trying to cut in half and print. From the image below you can see that I’ve tried to divide it, but I can’t figure out how to separate these to separate files. I appreciate the help as I try to navigate Sketchup intricacies as a newbie :slight_smile:


First turn on the edges,View/Edge Style/Edges
Then use soften to soften them.
Explode the two groups so all the geometry is touching.
Select the top half and group, select the bottom half and group it.
Open each in turn and trace an edge to complete the face.

Two groups

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Great stuff! Thanks so much!!

Hi, I was able to get all of this to work except when I traced an edge the face did not complete. Seems to mean the face isn’t on the same plane? Any suggestions?

The most likely answer is you are not opening the groups to edit them before adding the edge.
Attach your model so we can check.

I actually ended up figuring it out. I do have another question though. I’ve got another model and I got everything working well, but no matter what I do at least one of the sections doesn’t separate (includes both sides of the dividing line, so I can’t separate the objects along the line. Any help would be appreciated
CantSeparate.skp (3.2 MB)

This seems to have done it. I just re-drew a plane normal to the green axis and ran Intersect Faces/With model.

Separated.skp (3.5 MB)

The file size seems large for such a small model - only 31,000 edges and no textures or hidden geometry I can see.

Thanks! I’m fairly new to SketchUp, so excuse my ignorance. I can’t find how to orient a section plane to an axis. I’ve only been able to form them on an object face. Any help there? I think the file size is large because I imported it from an .stl file. Not sure…

Section planes orient to faces, not the axes. Being new some time spent at The Learning Center is well spent. Also more good info is at The SketchUp You Tube Channel. Both are sponsored by the SketchUp Crew.

The problem is a very small gap in the edge, they happen a lot with complex geometry. I can guess where it is going to be, near the tightest curve on the face, so I zoom in to find it.

I also agree with @RLGL 's suggestion.


Thanks! I’ve definitely been watching tons of videos.

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