When I highlight a new component in my cabinet It highlights the whole panel


Making some cabinet drawing to show internal parts etc… When I use push pull tool to make a new rail the select tool highlights the whole front panel rather than just the new component. So the result is when I go to copy I copy components that I do not want. I am using the fine woodworking video and have followed it to the T… So it seems like a bug. When I right click after making a component it does not give me the " make a component screen" It give me a different screen. I can only get the “make a component” if I use the short-cut g key. Then I think it does not make the right component because I can’t select just the new component. Thanks Reynart


Reynard, I think you missed something or you wouldn’t have this problem. I seriously doubt it’s a bug. Could you share the SKP file so I can see what you’ve done so far?


Untitled.skp (45.6 KB) Thanks for getting back!


OK. I think I see what you missed. So the cabinet is all loose geometry as evidenced by the selection.

By the way, I changed the style so the selection would show more easily.

If you look at the list of components in your model, you’ll see that the Top Bottom component is only one face. The other components have more faces but also excess geometry. My guess is that you started out with the bottom as in the video but when you selected the geometry to make the component, you only selected the bottom face. When you make a component from a selection but there is additional unselected geometry attached, the selection won’t automatically be replaced by the selection. You have to tick the box for it in the Make Component window.

Try starting the cabinet again. Draw the rectangle for the bottom and use Push/Pull to pull it to height. Then use a triple click with the Select tool to select all faces and edges you’ve created. Either right click on it or hit G to create the component. Do that before moving on to the next part. Let me know how you get on with it.

Since you’re following my tutorial, I’ll help you further if you need it.


The model you posted has no Components or Groups, only loose geometry that is all “stuck” to the things next to it… It is kind of far along to not have made any Components yet, and this will make it messier trying to fix things. You might actually save time by starting over and creating Components board-by-board as you go.

This sentence doesn’t make sense to me…you want to make a component after you make a component? But that aside, could you post a screen shot of the “different screen” you get?

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SKP 2.skp (61.1 KB)

Hi Dave,
My saga continues. When I do the push pull on the stile, I see that it is only a face in components. The top, bottom and sides look like they are complete. I am not able to get all the geometry of just the stile when I triple click. I am sure it is something I am doing just not sure what. Thanks again!


You may have been bitten by the “previously-entangled geometry behavior” ™. When you draw loose geometry next to other loose geometry in SketchUp, it all sticks together. Then if you create a component from part of that geometry, you have to check the “replace selection with component” button in the dialog, else you get a component definition but the original loose geometry also remains. This happens because the edges and/or faces it shares with the other entities entangle it with them.

In your model you have a component definition named “Door Stile L/R” and a component definition named “Sides L/R”, but there are no instances of them in the model. To edit these, e.g. to pushpull the stile to thickness, you have to have an instance to work with. Just open the components window, make sure the “In Model” set is selected, select one of the components, and move the cursor to where you want to place an instance. You can then open that instance for editing and pushpull will work.

This is an example of why we all advise you to change your geometry into a Group or Component at the soonest possible moment - before drawing any geometry that isn’t going to be part of the same Group or Component.


I’ll send you a PM and we’ll see if we can arrange some one-on-one.