Sketchup free with Dave Richards Fine Woodworking video and adding a second component

Hi, I have drawn the top and bottom for a cabinet. I first made the 5/8" bottom a component. I was then successful with using the move tool to copy the component making a top for the cabinet. I then issued the flip along command with the top selected on all of its surfaces. Then I used the rectangle tool to create a cabinet side on the bottom component, just as in the video I’m following. I used the push/pull tool to push the cabinet side up until it met the top. That worked great. Now I want to make that cabinet side a component. When I click three times on the cabinet side it highlights all of the edges of the cabinet side as well as the top and bottom. That would create a component with all three parts which is not what I want. I only want all surfaces of the cabinet side highlighted to then create that as a component. I’m unable to get a different result than all parts selected when I click three times. I would attach my drawing but I don’t know how to do that.
Thanks, Doug

IT sounds to me as if you either didn’t actually create a component of the bottom and just copied loose geometry to make the top or you created the bottom component, opened it for editing and copied the geometry within to make the top before going on to make the side.

I added “cabinetmaker’s marks” to show that Flip Along did something.

If you download the file to your computer and share it here so we can see it, it’ll be much easier to guide you in how to correct what you have.

Home, download, skp, drag and drop skp file into your reply.

Hi Dave,
I dragged and dropped the drawing file into this reply as Royce said I could do. Hoping that will give you what you need.
Thanks, Doug

My Fifth drawing .skp (205.5 KB)

I’ll take a look shortly.

All of the geometry in your model is loose. It’s not contained in components. Looking at the In Model components there’s the scale figue and your flat rectangle component from the other day although there are no instances of either of the components in the model space.

Try the steps exactly as I showed.

  • Draw the rectangle.

  • Use Push/Pull to extrude to thickness.

  • Switch to the Select tool (SpaceBar).

  • Select all of the geometry for the board. Either drag a left to right selection window around the “board” or triple click on the geometry.

  • Press G to create a component.

  • Type a name for the component and press Enter.

  • Now with that component selected, press M to get the Move tool.

  • Press and release Ctrl to activate the Copy function.

  • Click and release on a corner of the component.

  • Move the cursor and the component copy vertically. Tap the Up cursor key to lock the move in the blue direction if you want.

  • Let go of the mouse and type the desired distance.

  • Press Enter.

  • Right click on the copy of the component.

  • Choose Flip Along>Component’s Blue.

At this point you canstart modeling the case side to fit between the top and bottom.

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Thanks Dave for taking a look. I will follow you recommendation.

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Thanks a lot Dave for taking the time to provide these detailed instructions. It all worked great. I can also see my components listed now when clicking on the ‘components’ icon in the right hand side toolbar. My cabinet has sides, and a top and bottom now. Moving on to the other components now.
Thanks again, Doug

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Thanks Royce for showing me how to get my .skp file into my reply. I’m sure that will be useful knowledge for the future.

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Your welcome Litdo01, we all learn from the questions and answers.