What am I doing wrong or missing?

Hi all. I’m new to sketchup and very much still learning so I can make models of projects I would like to create. I hit a snag though which should be easy enough to fix I hope, but I’m lost. So here it goes. I made a panel say 22" wide 24" high then made this a component. Next created and attached a bottom panel 21 11/16" wide and 73" long. Finally I moved/copied the first panel component to snap over to the other side of the bottom panel. However it creates what seems to be one big component.(see screen shot) I want to be able to make changes to one side panel and have them both change. i.e. push/push tool to change height etc. I hope this makes sense. component help.skp (21.0 KB) Thanks in advance for any help.

You made a common newbie mistake and opened the side panel component for editing and copied the geometry. To fix it, open the component for editing (double click on it with Select) and delete all of the geometry for one panel. Then click out side of the component to exit the Edit mode, single click on the component–you should see the blue bounding box fitting tightly around the geometry. Get Move and hit Ctrl to invoke the copy function, Move/Copy the component to the opposite end.

Thanks so much Dave. I see what I did now. Yes newbie mistake indeed. The journey continues :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi folks.

One more thing you can do is to flip the copy about the green axis. This will make a symmetrical component for the opposite side.

It may seem unnecessary for such a simple construction but may prove a time saver with more complex objects when you begin to make alterations to one of the side panels.


To illustrate Jean’s excellent point…