Push Pull Tool Gaps

Hi There
I am new to sketch but can navigate fairly well and do some drawings however I have a problem with the push pull tool.
If I have objects along a back wall everytime I pull these objects the back wall moves with-it and I end up with a hole in my drawing as per capture 1.
If I pull in any other direction all is well as in Capture 2 where all other cabinets were pull up or left to right.
Am I missing something so obvious

Upload your SketchUp file so we can see exactly what you are working with.

Here it is, it is one of the tutorials I found on You tube

Kitchen Utility Room.skp (82.6 KB)

The main thing you appear to have missed is making a group or component of the upper cabinet. You did make groups for the base units but not that upper. All of the selected geometry is connected together.

Since you would typically model the walls and floor first, it would make sense to do that and make a group or component to contain that geometry before you start any of the case work.

Note that the tops of your base cabinets are displaying reversed faces. You should correct that. Best practice is to have only white front faces out.

When you hide the base cabinet groups, notice what is missing on the floor and the forward faces of the case bottoms that are left behind as loose geometry.

Where did you find this tutorial?