Object (counter) is grouped with walls

Hi I’ve just begun using sketch up to create a floor plan and I’m having trouble pushing/pulling an object.

Specifically I’ve created the walls and openings/doorways of the floorplan. And I’ve created an outline for the kitchen countertop that I’d like to pull towards the ceiling to give it a realistic height. However, when I pull the object it pulls up a line that contours around the walls of the entire model with it. I would like to pull only the countertop outline itself.

I’ve uploaded the model onto 3d warehouse under the name ‘YWVY_main_street’.

Any assistance would be appreciated !


415-2828_main_street (1).skp (595.3 KB)

Here is the skp file uploaded

geometry should be separated from other geometry so it can be edited. your walls should be grouped or made into components as should your counter.

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If you haven’t already, read the Help files about using Components and Groups in SU.

Components are generally better, but you need one or other to keep the geometry of different elements of your drawing from sticking together.

See http://help,sketchup.com, and in particular https://help.sketchup.com/en/article/3000124

Or watch the tutorial videos in Getting Started on YouTube.

Here’s one example I found with a quick search, but search for yourself.


Thanks I was trying to find out how to search and find links to other threads.

I need to post this more prominently (as it took 10 mins for me to to find it.)

A how to search reply to a similar question …

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Thanks for the help. I’ve got it working now :slight_smile:

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