Why can't I push-pull a face on a component?

My name is Wayne & I am a professional woodworker.
I have been building cabinets for over 30 years and use Cabinet Vision to draw them.
Recently, I have decided to downsize the cabinetry and build more furniture. Cabinet Vision is great for cabinets but not for furniture so I have started using Sketchup Pro to draw my pieces. I am a newbie so it will take time and practice to get good at it. My shop is in Spokane, WA., USA and I love it here.

Perhaps you haven’t opened the component for editing? You need to open the component wrapper before you can modify the geometry within. Or it might be that it’s really more than one face with hidden edges between. Push/Pull only works on a single face at a time. Seeing the model would answer all.

@DaveR is almost certainly right.

The only other time you’ll get weirdness is when you try to edit a Dynamic-Component like that…

Thanks Dave

U r right. Didn’t do the edit component thing.

Got it now. Thanks.

Wayne the Woodworker

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