Intersecting/ Extruding a Profile


I have used many different 3D Cad software and there is one thing on sketch up which i cant find an answer to anywhere. Can you do a blind cut/intersect of a complex profile through multiple faces such as on solidworks and inventors extrude through all tool?


There are “Intersect” commands that appear on the right-click mouse context menu, if your pointing at an object.

SketchUp Pro also has Boolean tools.


Yeah, i have used that but the problem i have is that the profile is quite complicated and going into every face and deleting is just too slow. Is there a way that it automatically deletes what it extrudes?. such as the cut tool on solidworks.


Having no experience with solid works it’s impossible for me to answer your question.
Perhaps a description, image or model explaining your problem would elicit a fully answer.
Off the top of my head I would suggest you look at Fredo6’s vizuhole.


I have uploaded the profile that i am trying to make on the cyan coloured drawing, the drawing with the two boxes is how you do it on Autodesk inventor where you can just cut through. its hard to describe but if i can find how to do what i want then it will make my work so much quicker.




Yes SketchUp has the PushPullTool. It will push thru the other objects, BUT… they all need to be in the same editing context.

That means they all are at the toplevel model entities collection, or are all in the same group or component entities collection. To enter the editing context of a group or component, you double-click on it.

In SketchUp layers are used for visibility only. Layers do not keep entities from intersecting. In SketchUp group or component contexts are used to separate entities and prevent them from intersecting, etc.




Thanks Box, that is exactly the thing i wanted :smile:


I looks to me like that’s a lining board or similar; creating one object and cutting it into smaller objects is one way to do it, but I am curious why you don’t create one board component and array/duplicate it?


@Box - This is what we need too. I presume that’s by Fredo, but could you elaborate on how to do this?

FYI: Already installed FredoTools v2.7e but do not see any tool palettes. Working from a Mac using SketchUp Pro 2015.


Did you install Fredo’s Lib.
His Plugins need that to work.
After that’s installed restart SketchUp.
The FredoTools should appear in the Preferences > Extensions list, it also has a Toolbar which you might also need to activate… [v2.7e is the latest] [v6.7c is the latest]


Thanks @TIG - Found that I needed VisuHole and it’s working beautifully so far in testing. Thanks