Cutting or resizing components

I have downloaded a slotted angle component made by “Exploding Fist”, 1 1/2 inch by 72 inch. I want to make different lengths of this to use in my model. Is there a way to do this in SFW? I have tried to follow several tutorials from various sources using the Intersect Faces command but I am unable to erase the unneeded portions of the component.

Share the file with us showing where you want to cut it.

Ceiling Storage Rack.skp (579.0 KB)
Here it is. Thank you

Since each leg of the thing is a separate group, you would need to open each group for editing and make the modification. Figure out where you want to cut it off and draw a line across the surface. Then use Push/Pull to get rid of the waste.

Do you really need all those holes? If you would just draw the L-channel without the holes you could use Push/Pull to change the length of the piece in one step.

THANKS! I do want to keep the holes as it will match the actual piece. I will try this to see if even I can do it.

Thanks again.


I am able to duplicate these results so thank you very much. I have another question regarding these steps. It is not clear to me exactly what I am doing using the push/pull tool. Am I pushing the selected surface to 0 height or am I pulling it back to the line that was drawn?

Push/Pull acts perpendicular to the face you are working on. You would be pushing the face down to zero height (thickness) in this case.

Since the two sides of the channel have the same thickness, you can use a double click on the second one. SketchUp will use the same Push/Pull distance as on the first one.

To elaborate a bit, when push/pull reduces a face to zero thickness, SketchUp automatically deletes that face.

It my be a great benefit to spend some time at the The Learning Center. A great interactive learning site.


New question on the same topic. I can duplicate what you showed. However if I try perform another similar manipulation at the other end of the part it does not work. A surface remains that I have to delete manually.

I’m not seeing that here. Are you sure you’d pushing to the opposite face?

Test.skp (761.8 KB)
Pretty sure that I am. In this model I have already trimmed both pieces on the end at the origin. Here is what happens when I try to do this at the other end. Thanks for helping

Look at the underside. At some point you lost the face on the bottom. That’s causing the behavior you see.

Go back to the original copy that you uploaded and try again. Go back to that old file is easier than fixing the one you just shared.

Before you go any further in your model, though, go to Model Info, turn off Length Snapping and increase Display Precision. Currently it looks like this:

Turning off Length Snapping will help prevent errors when you are trying to model precisely and increasing Display Precision (to 1/64th") will help you see small errors in dimensions.

I made the changes you suggested and i always start with a fresh component. It consistently deletes that opposite face, there must be another setting that causes this behavior. Thanks