Having Trouble With Push/ Pull Not Being Able To Cut Out

As you can see from my uploaded picture, I can’t get the P/P tool to cut out the section of the triangle to create my roof support timbers. I have viewed the video on Push/ Pull for examples of interfering geometry but cannot find any entity in the way. I have tried erasing my guidelines to see if that would help.

If I draw a simple shape with the rect. or line tools (including the triangle I’m trying to cut out here), WITHOUT the use of GUIDES - I CAN get it to pop out at it’s offset limits and disappear. However, whenever I try to use guides (to ensure accuracy) I get this… it just keeps on extending outwards, without ever reaching it’s offset limit (and cutting a hole in my shape).

What would you suggest I am doing wrong here please?

Thanks for reading.

Here is my model, in case anyone needs more detail for fault finding.Shedbuild 0400.skp (612.2 KB)

Ummm, the shed you uploaded doesn’t have the part you are having a problem with.
Edit: I’ll throw this in incase it helps, but I’m off to bed now.

I hardly ever use guidelines. Inferencing makes it pretty easy to position geometry without them.

In any event, I’d be more inclined (no pun intended) to construct the gable using components. Something like this:


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Thank you, Box, that’s incredibly helpful. Very different process to how they show on the video. Can’t understand why the roof section wasn’t included though. I just checked to make sure I hadn’t absent-mindedly erased that section before sending - and it’s definitely there! Very weird.

Thanks, Gully. I would normally prefer to work from separate components, as it more realistically represents my woodwork. I just wanted to create a shape which would act as a guide for making those separate components. Thanks again for the support. (Y)

No offence but, how am I supposed to measure anything without using guidelines? I rely on them for everything.

You can draw things to exact size and position them relative to other objects. Who needs guidelines? Frequently, the same effort it takes to put down a bunch of guidelines can be used to create and position the geometry itself. Show me something you used a lot of guidelines to construct, and I’ll show you how to construct it with few or no guidelines.


Well, I don’t generally cut wood without marking up first and SketchUp is new to me. So I can only think in terms of how I would do things physically. I need the guidelines. Please can you show me how to cut out a triangle exactly 4cm from the edges from inside a triangle without marking up? Because I cannot think how I could possibly do that.

I want to be able to push this out. It just won’t push out. It’s frustrating me now.
Shedbuild 0500.skp (691.0 KB)

Hopefully the part I want to cut will actually be there in the model this time.

You need to be in the right context to cut things. So open the group for editing, either double click or right click and select open for edit.
Then use the offset tool and type 4cm and hit enter, then push through and inference tto the back edge.
Quicker to do than to type.

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Box is correct some of the geo is not in the correct context, the size you are using for dimensional luber varies also. I measured cases of w = 1.575, 1.531 " Non North American sizes vs Swedish, Australian vary also so, what is you intent?
When orrected the cut through fine for me
Using 2 place m for units probably not best for this application

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Hah, you’re a genius, Box! Thanks, that worked perfectly, first time, for me.

Gully was right. Don’t need tons of guidelines.

I had not even thought of using the offset tool.

Sorry, don’t understand what you’re saying. The sizes are in meters and centimeters. Which I believe is standard measurement, throughout the world.

The model you posted uses meters but only two deiimal point display precision. If you are not very careful on the use of inferences you can make errors in dimensions and that is what I pointed out.
There are standards of dimensional lumber such as 2x4 ( 1 1/2 in X 3 1/2 in) ( 38mm x 89 mm) in terms of thickness and width. The US standards are different than other countries.
You can use any thing you want after all it is your work and it is your design. It does not appear to fit metric nor implerial standard size.
Having different thickness for same definition maybe give you problems later
The above are for soft wood , hard wood is different