Can't Push Pull Seperately

I keep having an issue with surfaces not being separated by lines. I can’t push pull without moving the entire surface. I’ve attached a file for review. Thanks for your help!
forum.skp (201.5 KB)

I’ve been using Sketchup since 2015, this is a recent problem. The screen shot shows 2 faces that are not connected that can’t be push/pulled independently. I’m just asking why?

I can’t find the spot in your model that you show in your screenshot.

I did notice a lot of incorrect tag usage as well as lot of unused stuff in the model.
Screenshot - 7_25_2023 , 2_54_17 PM

Screenshot - 7_25_2023 , 2_54_36 PM

Thanks for your reply. I’ve attached a new model with an arrow on the location of the problem.

I use ConDoc Tools and it creates all the tags automatically.

Try disable length snapping. The “~” in the values indicates approximate end point locations. This may be what is the cause of the issue.

I would second diablling Length Snapping. The tildes in the coordinates are really not a factor due to the coarseness of the units you have set. However with display precision increased, it’s easy to see that edges in this part of the model are not drawn on axis. This will create issues for Push/Pull.

Thanks to both of you! I don’t know how length snapping got enabled but hopefully this fixes it.

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Looks like the classic ‘bowtie’ bug. There are situations where faces disappear or/and not:


En/disable length snapping does not influence that, btw.