Push Pull Off Axis Issue

Hi - Has anyone else noticed an issue with push / pull in SU Pro2021 where new edges created from push pull are our of axis? This is obvious when coloring edges by axis. I will post a video if that helps to clarify.

How about sharing the model in which this happens?

Hi Dave - No problem sharing the file, any tips on how to share it? In the meantime I’m sharing this GIF:

Off Axis

Drag and drop the .skp file into a reply here. If the file is too large to upload directly, upload it to Drop Box or Google Drive and share the link.

It’s hard to tell what’s going on in your GIF.

618 CV - Forum.skp (456.1 KB)

Figured it out. File attached.

I had some CAD background lines that were driving the file size over 5mb but once deleted the file size dropped 90%.

I think I see where you are referring to. Note that the edges of that part of the roof are drawn off axis. The "horizontal edges are black not red like the one to the left.

I can’t see anywhere in which Push/Pull is not working in the correct direction.

The edges of the roof have their faces reversed. That’s a thing you should correct although it doesn’t have anything to do with this.

Interesting, the edges were on axis when I sent the file. You can see the horizontal are red in the GIF. The issue I’m having isn’t regarding push pull direction but rather when I pull a face the edges go from on axis (in this particular case the red axis) to black (off axis). Can you replicate this?

Regarding the reversed faces, this is also an issue im having which seems related to the push pull. When I pull a face it sometimes creates a second face. You can probably replicate this too.

I haven’t had this issue in my last four years of using SketchUp so it’s getting frustrating.

Your model is showing the classic signs of modelling with Length Snapping enabled. People naturally think that length snapping is a good thing, sounds like it is but, it actually means it snaps to a length rather than the endpoint you are aiming at and the geometry can shift infinitesimally.
But my axis colours are correct I hear you say, but there is a tolerance built in to those axis lines that renders them pretty useless for showing that it is accurate.

You can see here when you set the units to show all the detail that the two ends of the edge aren’t at the same point on the y or the z axis.

Then as you mention, pushpull moves it just enough to break through the allowable tolerance, so it is a good method for spotting tiny issues that can cause fracturing in your model.
Off axis

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I was away from my computer for awhile but it looks like Box has identified the problem.

Box, thank you for this explanation. I spent hours trying to figure this out so am grateful for your reply. I could see the edges were going out of tolerance but had no idea why!

Yes, and thanks again DaveR for your assistance as well.

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