Cannot push/pull walls


still new to Sketchup and I think my model is off-axis somehow. However, I don’t understand how I can fix the problem, where to start looking. I deleted lines and draw them again, without any luck.

Anyone happy to help a new starter? :slight_smile:



Move the lines until they turn red or green. That means they’re on axis.

There seems to be no wall face around the room area. You’ll need that face to be able to use Push/Pull.
Please share the model to see what is going on.
Red and Green edges isn’t 100% guarantee that edges are on axis.
And it isn’t an issue if they are not. Push/Pull just needs a face to perform the operation on.

mhm, true, I just noticed that the middle part is off axis and I can push/pull the walls - just not the outer walls. I have attached the model, anyone an idea?

Floor.skp (110.5 KB)

Delete the circles and connected edges and redraw them all. There are some small edges, hardly visible, that are interfering.
Draw your circles with four cardinal endpoints on axes, rather than randomly dragging the radius out to some undefined location.