Can't push/pull through wall


Probably multiple problems causing the issue for this newbe. Oddly, I was able to push/pull in other sections of the house.

253 Santa Rosa1.skp (1.6 MB)


If you show “lines by color” in styles, you can see that this part of the house is off axis ( unless it’s meant to be that way) the lines on this axis I think should show as red ( but are black). Also if you go close to the face you want to push pull you can see that it is not drawn in the face of the wall but away from it a bit. The guides are also away from that wall, not on it so I think when you go to create that rectangle the inferencing is snapping to the guides and not the wall surface. It should be an easy fix.



Thanks…will work on this tomorrow. Sounds straightforward. Will see!!
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Great job describing the issue (thanks for your screenshot - made it perfectly clear).

However, I don’t see “lines by color” in styles. I’m using SketchUp Maake 2017. Could not find it under Preferences or Views.

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I’m not familiar with the make interface, but see this screenshot, maybe there’s something similar.
In styles I select the :edit" tab and then select the “wireframe” icon to edit lines and then “color by axis”. I think you can fix it without this, but this would more easily show where the lines are off.



Thanks…appears to be a pro feature. Still learning - and lesson learned (to watch alignment with an axis)!


Sorry about that. It’s easy to get off axis and not even know it, and it only takes one instance that can cause many more if then working from that. Anyway, it only looks like that far wall is off alongside the whole house and which is why the push pull isn’t working as expected there.


There are three options in the dropdown, and they are the same for Pro and Make:
By Color - one color for all the lines
By Material - you can give each line a different color
By Axis

The last one is were the lines colors are set by its direction or Axis


Thanks everyone for your help! Problem has been corrected…and valuable lesson learned! And there will be more lessons, I’m sure.
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