What's wrong with that rectangle when push/pull has no effect


Just trying to erect walls. I cannot figure out what’s wrong with one wall. Push/pull tool has no effect when clicking on it. Placing another rectangle on it doesn’t help either. Face color stays white. I expect this wall color to change grey to be able to push/pull it.

Please take a look at .krt41.skp (544.0 KB)
skp file.


There is no face there to push.
There are other edges getting in the way,


Also, the lines are not aligned to the axes properly. I’d suggest delete this whole section altogether and start drawing again. Press down Shift while dragging the Line Tool to lock to the main axes.


The area of interest has many coplanar edges. IMHO that you went over board a little with all the components and groups you used. I exploded all of the model, then flatten all to common z level =0, and then attempted to make all the faces shown. The ones not making face means the are not closed loop and you need to fix. Another approach is to correct the components so all the rest of same. Since they are many the same that is quickest to fix the geo you need to fix


Thank you for your animation. I was trying to figure it out on my own for hours without success. I didn’t think I should zoom in so much. That’s why I did not see these edges getting there own way. Now I see it after zooming in enough.