Making a hole(window) with push/pull command

some times for some walls when I try to make a window (fully open through the wall) using the push/pull option it fails to pass through all the wall and make a window, that you can see through it…but it works for some other walls…
!House.skp (133.9 KB)

I don’t know if that is my problem, or a bug at the sketchup !
Thanks for any help

It is not possible to tell just from an image, but most likely there is a minor flaw in your model that prevents cutting through. The most common situations are walls that are not quite parallel and small stray edges somewhere along the push path.

If you post your model here, folks can be more specific.

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House.skp (133.9 KB)

Thanks for your reply…I have uploaded the model…and made annotation to the window I need to do

@slbaumgartner is right, your wall isn’t parallel to the other side.

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The misalignment is quite small (about 0.16 cm) hence very hard to spot, but the left end of the outer wall is forward of the right end. You can see it in the attached screenshot, where I drew a construction line parallel to the red axis through the bottom right corner. It misses the bottom left corner. Another clue is that the window rectangle doesn’t cut the outer wall to start with. That is, you can select the wall and you get the part behind the rectangle as well as around it. This is because they are not coplanar.

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@quantj is right about @slbaumgartner being right. (sorry, couldn’t help myself).
Another indication is found with the protractor on the corner of the wall.


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Thanks alot !!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks alot for all that support !!!

Another super-easy way to spot problems when things aren’t working right: go to window>styles>edit tab>color drop-down menu>choose “by axis”. In that mode, ALL edges are colored to correspond with their respective orientation, so if you will instantly see if a line is not on the red, green, or blue axis, because it will be black.

You better not bet your lunch money on that. It will work if the deviation is great enough. I don’t know exactly what the tolerance is but it’s small.


by axis.skp (10.4 KB)

Shep is right - and I get the offending edge in this model colored red as if it was not misaligned.

Yes, nice model Shep. :slight_smile: Right on the problem. And I would like to know the tolerance too.
Using the Query tool (in SU8) shows the far upper corner is off by ~5/32". (if I’m not wrong…)

And I kind of miss that tool in 2015… Used it a lot earlier.
Maybe some of you know if there’s a way to get it into 2015Pro?


Here’s a thought on the matter from a few months ago.

query tool by color


Just found it, thanks :-). Soory