BASIC problem push/pull ing an opening through a wall

Hi Guys,

I have been using sketch up for a while now and thought I had a good grasp of things…HOWEVER, when I am trying to rough out a basic house model I am often unable to push/pull my rectangle through the walls - sometimes my geometry is right, sometimes it’s wrong. I run solid tools and everything looks good . If some one could enlighten me I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to understand why this is happenig… Happy to share my model if someone would kindly let me know how best to do this…

Thanks in advance.


Drag your model to a reply window.
If it is too large you will need to use wetransfer or Dropbox and share a link.

Post a model with problems. Usually, the hole fails if the faces of the wall are not quite parallel or the hole rectangle is not parallel to the wall or if the hole rectangle is outside the group or component the wall belongs to. You must also take care that you infer to the back face of the wall when pushing the hole.

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Close_2_GROUNDFLOOR.skp (5.3 MB)

Thanks so much guys!! This is just such a frustrating issue i need to wrap my head around

also any other faux pas? all feed back welcome. obviously this model is in it’s very early stages so not much to critique…

check the dimensions. there is a taper

There is something off with the geometry.

Here I adjusted the style to show the edges colored by axis. You can see the lines are black for that window wall, so you moved something out of plane.


Here you can see the wall with the window isn’t in plane with the rest of the wall on that side

Close_2_GROUNDFLOOR.skp (5.3 MB)

I deleted that portion of the wall and rebuilt it.

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you are a legend!!! thank you so much.
I forgot about colour by axis!!
I really appreciate your help.

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It’s good for a quick check, but it includes an off-axis tolerance that can be misleading. So, just don’t expect it to be perfectly reliable!