Push/Pull Axis problems

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Having some issues with Push/Pull. Whenever I use the operation it produces triangles on the extruded faces. The front face then seems to become a “ghost” layer so that when I try to select this face another face that is behind becomes selected. These always seem to be off axis as well. Is there a way of re-setting the axis so that when I extrude a face this doesn’t happen or if this isn’t the problem are there any suggestions as to how to fix.

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That looks like the artifacts you get when the geometry is a long way from the origin.
Where is your model in relation to the global axis?
Easiest thing would be to attach your model so someone can check it for you.

HDS-Filwood-3D - CD.skp (1.6 MB)
Hi Box

Here’s the model - I haven’t geo-located it yet - could this also cause this issue…???



Your model was a very long way from the global origin and the axes had been re-positioned upside-down. I reset the axis and moved the model to it. I also remove 4 stray hidden edges that were causing Clipping. I reversed the faces on your plan as the white/front faces should be up.
Your scenes will need to be redone.
HDS-Filwood-3D - CDBox.skp (722.4 KB)

Illustrating what Box described.

Moving the model axis lines does not change where the origin (0,0,0) is in the model space.

Box - you’re a legend - thank you so much for taking the time to help, much appreciated.


Hi DaveR

Thank you illustration - really helpful.



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