Help - Modeling a sloped roof shed

Hello, I am using the free web version of sketch as a learning tool.
I have been trying to model a structure that has a sloped roof. I have tried
doing this with walls and posts. I have completed viewing the SketchUp
Campus fundamentals course and the fundamentals course in the
SketchUp Libray. Both by the way were extremely helpful.

I have attached my latest model attempt using posts. You will see that my posts
do not meet (or continue up) to the underside of the sloped roof at the current roof angle.

How do I create posts and or walls to match a sloped plane structure?

Thank you all for your consideration and any tips you may have.


slopped roof shed.skp (253.3 KB)

One way to do this would be to extrude the post up into the roof and then use Intersect Faces to create a line at the angle of the roof. Then Push/Pull from the side to remove the waste.


Looks like you need to get a better handle on the way grouping works. You have a sort of mish mash of grouping the geometry with your components.

Thank you Dave, What do you mean when you say that I need to get a better handle on grouping?
I agree that I need to get a better handle of everything associated with SketchUp.

Appreciate the help and guidance.


For starters, you should organize your components and groups better. Use instances of a single component for things that are identical, such as your short posts and long posts. As is, you have all the edges and faces for two identical posts gathered as a single component. They should be two instances of a single long post component, and there is no need to wrap them together unless you want to move them as a unit. You have done the same thing for the short posts but also put the roof in there with them. I’d explode those components, select just the edges and faces for one short post and create a component for that. Then erase the edges and faces for the other short post and replace them with a new instance of the component. Treat the long posts the same way.

With that cleanup done, proceed to trim them off using Intersect Faces With much as @DaveR has shown, remembering to open a component for edit before doing the intersection.

I sent you a PM.

Thank you slbaumgartner,

I created a long and short post, made them components and them made a copy of each using the move tool and placed the copies at the edge of the slab. I created the slab and the roof and made each a group.

Not sure how I ended up wrapping them together.