Complex shed roof collar ties

I’m a novice at Sketchup so please forgive the simplicity of my modelling. Can you please have a look at my design and tell me how to best integrate collar ties to better support the roof (and keep it from collapsing) :slight_smile:

shed1.skp (405.3 KB)

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I think before you worry about the collar ties and the rest of the roof, you need to straighten out the walls of the shed. Those short walls on either side of the door are slightly out of square, you have a number of parts that need realignment all the way through.

As far as SketchUp goes, it would be a good idea if you’d use components instead of groups. That would make your modeling easier and more efficient. You also should take some time to learn about the proper use of tags. You aren’t using them correctly. The pencil icon should remain at Untagged at all times and all geometry should be created as untagged and left untagged. Only the groups and components that are containing the geometry should get other tags.

I’ll see if I can fix up your model so you can get some ideas but it would be a good idea if you spend some time with

How did you come up with the angle between the two long sides? It measures about 61.6°. Is that what you really want?

Thanks so much! You are very kind to offer your help!

Please don’t spend much time on it… It is really meant as a rough tool to help me design a corner shed for our yard. Yes, the angle is 61.5 degrees :). And, that’s made it a challenge to design, for sure.

I’ve given more thought to the roof and attached another copy. I feel like this roof is stronger because of the collar ties. Does this make sense? I just don’t want the roof collapsing on me :slight_smile:

shed1b.skp (427.4 KB)

I’m no engineer nor do I play one on the internet but I’d think about something like this.
No cross ties just a single beam.

Google “hand framed roof” for ideas". My two car garage has two “joists” as ties. It is 26’ deep.

Your first effort should be researching how to properly frame a roof. You should have one piece, unbroken, hip rafters from the high point to each corner. Then frame your rafters perpendicular from each top plate to hip ridge board. If you are seriously intending to build this you need to consult with an engineer or licensed contractor.

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