I have no idea what I'm doing

I’m trying to create a shirt collar support (pics attached), but it’s not solid and basically it’s a mess and I can’t get it to print.



If you share the .skp file we can certainly solve the problem for you. From just seeing your screen grab and making a WAG, I’d expect to find some internal faces near the ends where the band gets thinner.

Here you go. Thanks!

Collar Brace v1.skp (171.0 KB)

Well, there’s a lot more problems than I guessed. The one end piece is a component separate from the rest of the model.

Even after that is exploded there are internal faces and some holes.

Instead of trying to fix the bad geometry I redid the model. Hopefully it’s close enough. One of the problems I think you are having is you are working on a small thing in Architectural units with coarse precision (relative to the size) and you have Length Snapping turned on which you should turn off in Model Info>Units.
Collar Brace v1.skp (238.8 KB)

You can see that this one reports as a solid component. Compare it to the one you made.

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Wow…I honestly can’t thank you enough. You’d be surprised with how many hours I had into that!

Thanks again.

Does that look like it’ll do what you need?

FWIW, I think new users often try to run before they can walk. There’s a lot of benefits to really getting familiar with the way the native tools work. when you have a clear idea of how to use the tools and what they’ll do, you can start to think ahead in the process of how to model things and in what order you need to do things so they work out correctly. That all comes with time and practice.

Good luck.

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I think so! I’m printing it now.

I totally agree with your assessment. It starts off as “this shouldn’t be too difficult” and then it goes south shortly thereafter.

Thx again for the help!

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If you haven’t already, view the tutorial videos at learn.sketchup.com, and follow the SketchUp Essentials series.

And when making things for 3D printing, work scaled up 1000x - use metres as your units, as if they were millimetres (or even instead of inches).

The exported STL format has no units, so most slicers will need to be told what units to treat them as. Or scale down before exporting. Or use the Dave Method - make a start at actual size, then copy your component, and scale it up x1000, zoom extents, then work on the large copy.

And also be aware that the current STL exporter has a bug - mirrored or flipped components either don’t export, or export in such a way as not to print.

Sketchup can’t create very tiny edges or faces, but can scale down from a larger version of them.

PS. Looking at your model, I’d print it upside down otherwise the thin ends will need support.

PPS. By the way, I’m only reiterating what I have seen DaveR advise many times elsewhere. Thanks, Dave, for the many times you’ve helped so many people including me!