Problem with scaling

Hi, I’m new here and not too good with Sketchup.
I’m trying to make 3d printed jewel for my wife. I’ve done the model, and now I have to scale it. When I’m scaling it down from 2 meters from to 4 cm, something goes wrong.
Solid inspector 2 says everything is shiny before I scale. Sketchup thinks it’s good too (no warnings). After I scale, there’s hundreds of things wrong. Also when I’m saving after scaling, Sketchup says there’s something messed up with the model. When I press fix now, it messes everything up.
I’ve tried to scale the whole model and using groups and components. Nothing works.
Any suggestions? I can also send the model via email.

To answer such questions without seeing the model is difficult, maybe you can share it somewhere (dropbox, 3DWarehouse, …) or upload some screenshots at least.

The general idea you describe ought to work, so there must be some detail in your technique or model that isn’t coming across. If the model is 3MB or less, you can upload it here so that multiple people can examine it. If it is larger, you could upload it to the 3dWarehouse or your favorite file sharing site and post the url here.

10v.skp (1.7 MB)
Here is the model. If you find the problem, I’d like to hear what is wrong with it. Thanks a million! I would like to scale it down to 4 cm horizontal.

Some hints:

  • The object isn’t a SketchUp solid, this edge belongs to 4 faces and for a solid, every edge must be connected to two faces.

  • I’ve changed that edge and the object is reported as a solid afterwards.

  • Scaling down (with the tapemeasure tool) to 4cm diameter worked without any problem.

  • There will be some problems with very fine geometry if you 3D print the model…

and the very small text:

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SketchUp’s point tolerance is .001"
Problems might occur when scaling down large geometry which has relatively small detail dimensions.
That is, scaling down may force the smaller details into the realm of microscopic.
Tiny Geometry Scale Issues.skp (22.8 KB)

Be mindful all 3D printing technologies have certain detail resolution limits as well.
Achieving tiny details in the model is just one aspect of the process.
Tiny model geometry must still be large enough to print.
imaterialise publishes this 3D Printing Design Guide for Gold

I fixed these, and still Sketchup wants to fix my model. If I press ok, it breaks it. Why is this and is there still something wrong with the model? The file attached is after scaling, it nags first after you open it. The original file attached is before scaling. 10v_6.skp (1.6 MB)
10v_5_original.skp (1.9 MB)

I see report of 159 short edges that soild inspector cannot fix. I would probably scale up, the use Freedo’s edge tool and try and fix edges then scale back down. I would try his tool first before " tinkering " with model. Same problem 1236pm post before scaling his tool could not fix, did not scale up suggest you try, if no joy try netfabb some times it works better.

Scaling up and back down seems to work ok to at least orginal scale, suggest you tyr to desired value to see if it holds true.

in perspective view and with model units set to mm, your 10v_5_original.skp scales down to 4cm without any errors for me…


I get no errors with solid inspector.
I get “something minor is messed up” message even with mm and perspective. Seems very random.
I would like to 3d print this tomorrow. Can anyone say is this good for printing or not. I’m confused.
If I press “fix now” this is what happens:
It’s minor but not right.
10v_after_fix.skp (1.9 MB)
If someone has already managed to fix the model so that it’s 3D printable, I wouldn’t mind downloading it from here :wink:

I downloaded "Edge tools2"by thomthom. Is this what you meant? I’m not sure what to do with the extension though.
I didn’t understand your post completely. What is netfabb?
I’m not that good with SU, so please be very clear. Thank you!

netFab is another analysis tool some times one will fix problems another will not and many times I will try both; thomthom and Fredo’s tools are both good. I used Freedo’s for your case. He has one called edge inspector I find easy for me to use
I only went back down to 4mm for you model and left up to you for final scale.
What you posted above is not solid;It needs to be component or group. Entity info will report vol if it is solid
You have changed your model vs earilier post
The scroll work needs to be closed10v_6_mac1.skp (1.6 MB)
here is orginal at 4 mm width
BTW because SU says solid does not mean it is printable and will depend on print technology you select.
How are you printing??

I’m going to library to 3D print. I don’t know about the device or model. I’ll try printing today anyway.

Hope you understand it needs to be solid and then exported as STL to print. This should be printable , you still need to export as stl file10v_6_mac1.skp (1.7 MB)
BTW my post above with same file name had a typo and size was 4mm not 40, this was corrected.