Not Sure How to Put A Roof On My Garage

I have created my garage, but I’m struggling on how to put a roof on it. I know there are basic and simple ways to easily do this with a simple object. However, beingnew, I likely didn’t plan my approach properly to take advantage of these tools, and the garage did get complicated with the eaves and fascia etc.

All I want to do now is throw a couple simple faces on top of my garage to create the roof. I defined the perimeter of the roof bu creating and joining four lines. I figured this would create me a face that I can select, push pull, texture etc. But not so. all I have is four connected lines.

Does joining fourlines not create a face? In my case, where have I goine wrong, and what approach should/can I take at this point?garage.skp (188.9 KB)

Your roof framework is not straight. I switched unit display to decimal inches to make the inaccuracies more conspicuous

The easiest way is to draw the outline of the gable end and then extrude it using Push/Pull.

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Thanks Anssi and simoncbevans … probably no easy way to fix this than to start over.
This time I’ll practice KISS, but I’m not sure how I’m going to manage the complexity of the overlapping fascia components.

You could:

  1. Draw a large rectangle on the ground
  2. Lift it above the door, but below the lowest top of wall
  3. Intersect the wall with the plane to cut it off clean and level
  4. Delete the excess and pull the top back up to the right height.

Can’t argue with any of the advice that’s been given. Looked at your model… The first BIG issue is it’s a bunch of loose geometry. Kind of hard to explain everything in a short post . So sort of fixed your model. Drew a new version to the right of your work. Take a look at how I grouped the various parts. The objects that were going to be copied I made into components. Also check out how I set up “layers” for everything. I will point out everyone has a little different way of doing things but if you study what I did it should help you get on track. A final note … my copy is not 100% exact to yours as I had to do a little guessing here and there.garage_fix.skp (142.0 KB)

One more thing I forgot to mention. All your geometry was “loose” but you have it assigned to the “garage layer” Not something you want to continue to do as it can create a lot of problems when modeling. I didn’t move your geometry back to layer “0” where it belongs. If you triple click on any of the groups or components I drew you will see all geometry in the group or component is on layer “0”. Check the “entity info” panel.