How to join two extruded sides

Hi. How to join the two extruded roof sides? The pitch roof here has two sides which I have extruded using push-pull tool but now they don’t meet. I had seen a tutorial video where the instructor drew it the same way by first making two rectangles for roof sides and then extruding them and there the roof sides joined and aligned well but I don’t know why mine are making a ‘V’ shape on top, i.e, not joining.

h1,.skp (2.7 MB)

Sorry, need more information. What two “extruded roof sides” are you referring to and what do you mean by “join”.

You may have uploaded the wrong file. No roof is showing.

Yes my mistake… I have attached the correct file now

You have made life a bit more difficult than necessary by leaving all the parts of the roof as loose geometry instead of making components. But it is still pretty easy to repair:


By the way, please do not put commas in file names. It is not allowed on some systems and may cause problems.

Steve has one way. Here’s mine. Mind you, I wouldn’t make my roof that way in the first place. I would draw the gable end and extrude the whole thing horizontally.

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Like this maybe:

And I would make the gable spandrel panel part of the wall below (which technically it would be in construction). It’s also easy to extrude the gable verges out to create whatever overhang you want.

You don’t need the construction lines. Select the top edge, select Move tool, hover where you placed the construction line until the “On Edge” inference appears, hold down Shift, click on endpoint and click on the opposite gable edge.
I have to learn how to make these GIFs

I’ve used all these, but that’s what I’ve ended up liking the best.

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I have noticed that @TheOnlyAaron tends not to use construction lines and have therefore wondered how easy it is to avoid them. Having started my working life with a drawing board and pencil construction lines (later overwritten in ink) and moved on to CAD with construction lines, I find it an automatic process. I even have shortcuts for deleting them as they can quickly build up and overwhelm. But for someone learning anew, it might be a different matter.

As for GIFs, I use Licecap and it’s dead simple. Invoke Licecap, give your recording a brief name, stop the recording when done. Et voila!

Using Offset makes it really quick, although it creates an eaves detail that is untraditional (for us in the UK, anyway). We tend to have a vertical face at the overhang so that you have something to fix gutters to. Not a big problem but it means a step or two more than you show when “closing” the roof profile.

Same here … except, actually, the square eaves have suddenly become part of the architectural fashion du jour lately along with white vertical board and batten siding, black windows and doors, and black standing seam metal roofing.

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