Push footprint to a pitched roof

Evening all
I’m sure I watched a video once where a footprint of a building was push pulled up underneath a roof. The plug-in allowed for the walls to match exactly the roof shape
I know I can do this with solid tools but it’s bugging me that I can’t remember what I saw…
Sorry if this sounds a little vague anybody with any ideas…
Regards Dan

Could it be Extrude by vector to Object, part of Extrusion Tools?



Maybe you remembered this this discussion?

Excellent thank you Shep this is exactly what I was looking for

Thank you Cotty I had searched the forum several times but obviously hadn’t used extrude in my search terms…

I struggled a little to find it, but I think you mean TIG’s Extrude Tools on Sketchucation?

I’m sure that’s the tool I had seen working it’s just a shame now I try it it doesn’t make a solid,
Thanks for your help